Building a Strong Foundation for Industry's Next Generation

The National Horticulture Foundation’s (NHF) scholarship programs make a difference in students’ lives.  NHF has been helping to train future leaders of the industry since 1996.  One of its primary focuses is to support educational programs and provide scholarships that will attract young people to the nursery and landscape industry so that they will become a part of the solution to future industry challenges.

Within NHF, there are three scholarship funds that have been established: James H. Davis Memorial Scholarship, NHF’s General Scholarship fund, and Bob Hoskins and Sandy McDougald Scholarship. 

The James H. Davis Memorial Scholarship was started through a generous contribution to the National Horticulture Foundation.  As an FNGA member, James Davis actively served his association through committee and trade show activities along with dedication to his industry. Davis Tree Farm is a recipient of the prestigious FNGLA Grower of the Year award. It is hoped that the James H. Davis Memorial Scholarship will give students the opportunity to develop into a new generation of dedicated individuals for the horticulture industry of tomorrow.  James H. Davis was not a straight “A” student and believed as long as the student maintained a 2.0 grade point average that he/she deserved an opportunity for a good education.  This scholarship is for incoming freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors planning to attend a community college, state college, university or other program in Florida.

NHF’s General Scholarship Fund was created to allow graduate, out-of-state or non-traditional students the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. 

The Bob Hoskins and Sandy McDougald Scholarship was established by the Palm Beach Chapter of the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA) to commemorate the dedication, enthusiasm and many years of service contributed to the horticultural industry by Bob and Sandy. Numerous industry members have generously supported the fund which helps to educate the next generation of industry professionals.

Every day there is an opportunity to change someone’s life.  NHF needs your help to continue to make a difference in students’ lives.  The annual deadline for applications is January 15. For more information about applying for scholarships, visit NHF’s website or contact Linda Reindl,