NHF to Sponsor Breathing Room, Home Décor Trends Session at TPIE

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As the connection among people, plants and wellness continues to gain traction, Suzi McCoy and Katie McCoy Dubow of Garden Media Group will present insights on the Breathing Room movement at the upcoming Tropical Plant International Expo.

A fad which involves dedicating a room in one’s home to connecting with plants, the movement has emerged as one of Garden Media Group’s 2018 Garden Trends.

The Exceeding Expectations Session, Breathing Room – The Home Décor Trend Connecting Nature and Wellness, is sponsored by the National Horticulture Foundation.

McCoy Dubow, who serves as creative director for the Pennsylvania-based PR/Marketing Communications firm, said she and Founder Suzi McCoy plan to zero in on home décor and other timely horticultural trends at the session, which will take place at 3 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 18 at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Admission is free with the purchase of a show badge.

Dubow offers a sneak peek at what one can expect at the session:

NHF: What are some key take-aways you’re planning to impart at the session?

Dubow: By disconnecting from digital media and reconnecting with Mother Nature, you will pick up new tricks to garner loyal fans, create new brand ambassadors and ultimately increase sales.

NHF: How did this trend of nature and wellness come about?

Dubow: In today’s world, it is almost impossible to escape social media, instant news, 24/7 connectivity and the mental exhaustion that follows. We’ve talked physical wellness in years’ past, and while we still know gardening helps us achieve that, it isn’t just about keeping the body healthy anymore; it’s about keeping the mind and spirit healthy, too.

The 2018 report introduces seven industry trends that inspire a cleaner, more relaxed state-of-mind. It shows when we disconnect from digital media and reconnect with Mother Nature, we can make steps towards rebuilding mental wellness. The report highlights new ideas, styles and colors to help clear the mind and step away from the infinite connectivity that is wearing people out.

NHF: What is the process at Garden Media Group for seeking out trends?

Dubow: It is a lot of work and takes us about a year to complete. For example, we just wrapped 2018 and are already thinking about 2019. Our process starts on a global scale and we review every industry from home design to fashion. We then interview our trusted media sources and garden experts. And then there is a little tea leaf reading and connecting the dots. When you’ve been predicting trends successfully for almost 20 years, like Suzi has, you learn to trust your instincts.

To register to attend TPIE 2018, visit the event registration site.