NHF Accepting Research Proposals

NHF is currently accepting research proposals aimed at enhancing green industry development from academic institutions across the country.

In line with FNGLA’s research priorities, NHF has since 1987 continued its strong presence of underwriting research. NHF may be small in terms of a foundation but, over the years, the foundation has carved out its niche as one of the trusted sources of funding for Florida’s environmental horticulture industry. NHF has given back more than $500,000 in research support for projects in production, marketing, utilization and distribution. 

Whether seeking to understand how to improve plant quality and longevity during transportation, or how to spur purchasing motivation of consumers to increase demand for foliage products, NHF seeks to support research with positive outcomes and a greater return on investment for the green industry.

Through research, the green industry can tap into unique resources and find the keys to things like reducing carbon footprints, understanding how one's brain can be affected by gardening and ultimately creating more sustainable lifestyles.

To apply for an NHF research grant, fill out an application on visit NHF's website or contact Linda Reindl via email at lreindl@fngla.org, or by phone at 407-295-7994. The annual deadline for applications is December 31.