NHF Selects Scholarship Recipients for 2017-18

The National Horticulture Foundation is proud to announce its support of 19 bright students pursuing their careers in horticulture or related fields. NHF believes all students have the right to receive a quality education.

The following students will receive financial support for their upcoming Fall/Spring Semesters:

- Olivia Arabian Anderson, Indian River State College

- Gianna Arcuri, University of Florida

·- Kacey Aukema, University of Florida

- Brooke Bedford, University of Florida

- Thiago Campbell University of Florida

- Jeremy Taylor Celso, Palm Beach State College

- Crystal Conner, University of Florida

- Laura Ann Corrigan, Palm Beach State College

- Trevor Crosby, University of Florida

- Summer Henderson, University of Florida

- Dylan Kovach, University of Florida

- Robert Lommerse, Florida Southern College

- Abby Marion, University of Florida

- Nall Inshan Moonilall, Ohio State University

- Robyn Mucci, University of Florida

- Anna Ribbeck, University of Florida

- Breanna Ross, University of Florida

- Jerome Small, Palm Beach State College

- Emily Von Blan, University of Florida

The Foundation provides annual awards to incoming college freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and/or graduate students planning to attend a community college, college, university or other post graduate program in Florida. NHF also supports the University of Florida’s Horticulture Club Student trips on an annual basis.  

The scholarship program  was started with a bequest of $400,000 from the estate of James H. Davis and generous contributions from industry members. James H. Davis is remembered, in part, for his role as a respected tree farm owner and member of the Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association (FNGLA). A generous gift to the former National Foliage Foundation (NFF) from his estate was used to establish the James H. Davis Scholarship Fund, which supports education in the horticulture industry through scholarship awards to deserving students on an annual basis.

For more information, or to receive an application, contact Linda Reindl, National Horticulture Foundation, or visit FNGLA’s website.