NHF poised to announce scholarship recipients

The National Foliage Foundation (NFF) helped train future foliage industry leaders since 1996.  Now, as the newly named National Horticulture (NHF), the foundation will seize the baton and continue its journey to establish pathways for qualified students in need of financial support. 

The Foundation, which boasts a $3.2 million dollar portfolio, has made one of its primary missions to support education in the horticulture industry by fostering new talent.  Steadfast in keeping the scholarship program strong, NHF will continue to support young people pursuing careers in the foliage nursery and landscape industry. NHF looks for these individuals to become future leaders and play a very active role in finding the solution to industry challenges.  This April, nearly two dozen young, aspiring horticulture students will receive a monetary show of support – courtesy of NHF. 

In addition, NHF looks for ways to support educational initiatives such as the University of Florida Environmental Horticulture Club’s international trip. To add to the club’s funds, earned through plant sales and club activities, NHF provides $5,000 to help offset the cost of the club’s highly-anticipated trip to the Netherlands, slated for May.

Through the years, more than $400,000 the Foundation has supported more than 250 students who have advanced their education. Currently, the Foundation offers two scholarship funds: 

James H. Davis Memorial Scholarship - James H. Davis was not a straight “A” student, yet believed as long as a student maintained a 2.0 grade point average then a student deserved an opportunity for a good education.  This scholarship is for incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors planning to attend a community college, college, university or other similar Florida program.

General Scholarship Fund -  This fund was created to allow graduate students, out-of-state and non-traditional students the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. Businesses and individuals who earmark contributions to go to scholarships have strengthened this fund.

For more information about applying for scholarships, contact Linda Reindl, lreindl@fngla.org