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The National Horticulture Foundation (NHF) offers you the opportunity to join the many industry supporters who have realized the significant role NHF plays in securing the future of the horticultural industry. 

Once a contribution reaches the $5,000 level, it will become a named endowment. Customize your support to the National Horticulture Foudation by specifying whether your contribution should enhance research grants, NHF’s graduate assistanship or student scholarships. A gift may be given as a cash contribution or pledge. As a 501(c)(3) organization, all contributions made to the National Horticulture Foundation are tax deductible. 

Plan now to support the future of the industry by placing special bequests in your will or earmarking dollars in your estate to be appropriated to the National Horticulture Foundation. By helping NHF build its portfolio, contributions will provide an impact for foliage industry and beyond. 

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